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The first pair of socks I ever made were washed and dried incorrectly accidentally BUT I kept them and put them in a shadow box :) #knitter #knitting #socks #firstpair #shadowbox

I want to shadow box some of my first knits!

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Wow great gif!

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DIY: Unused Yarn Chandelier
If you’re a knitter or crocheter, you certainly have a lot of unused skeins, yardage, fibers, yarns…Now it’s time to use them and show to everybody that you are a yarn enthusiast! How ? Simply turn them into a nice and decorative chandelier ! Alix Adams from A Ruffled Life has made a cool 5 s…

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working on socks for my mom.


So. What do I do with my leftovers?


Pendleton the Hedgehog [blogspot]